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EVERSHIELD. Game-changing after-care program with permanent protection against glass corrosion and staining, lifetime warranty on the easy-to-clean glass effect, and prevention of any after-sales service issues.

Many consumers use harsh cleaning products with abrasives or high pH values which can damage both the glass and any easy-to-clean product the shower manufacturer may have applied to it. Up until now, this could leave the shower manufacturer open to after-sales service issues from consumers. With the introduction of the EVERSHIELD after-care program, these issues are eliminated, and shower manufacturers can market a fundamentally improved glass shower that will retain its beauty and value forever, and is guaranteed to always be quick and easy to clean.


A specially-formulated after-care cleaner has been developed that maintains the easy-to-clean effect while ensuring that no damage can be caused to the glass through cleaning. It also helps to educate consumers that no product is “self-cleaning” and that regular light cleaning is still required. Thus virtually all potential after-sales service issues from consumers using damaging cleaners or with unrealistic expectations that no cleaning is required are eliminated.


As part of the EVERSHIELD program, consumers who subscribe will receive a free booster applicator every 5+ years. This is quick and easy to apply as part of the normal cleaning process and is used to restore the Ultraclean Glass performance to original specification after long-term usage and wear. Depending on the amount of usage and cleaning of the shower the consumer may not need to use this during the normal life of the shower, however it is there if required or desired.


By actively preventing any damage to the glass through cleaning and including a booster to restore the original effect after long-term wear, Ultrashield Corporation are the first supplier to prevent the common after-service issues and to be able to offer a genuine lifetime warranty on the glass’ easy-to-clean effect.


The whole EVERSHIELD program can be completely branded with the shower company’s own brand names and graphics, helping to build their brand recognition with consumers (an important market advantage because the shower itself usually has few if any locations to conveniently brand).


With the potential after-sales service issues eliminated, their brand recognition by loyal customers improved, and lifetime warranty support by Ultrashield Corporation, shower manufacturers can focus on developing and selling their unique products that consumers will pay significantly more for as they will retain their beauty and value forever, and always be easier to clean.


Only Certified Applicators may participate in the EVERSHIELD program and offer the highly-valued lifetime warranty and permanent glass protection.


For more information on becoming a Certified Applicator and the EVERSHIELD program, please contact your nearest representative.

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La Ultrashield Corporation e’ il primo produttore ad offrire una vera garanzia a vita per il vetro convertito da un applicatore certificato e usato in unione ad un prodotto per il dopo-trattamento EVERSHIELD Protezione a vita. Leggi i fatti...


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Il legame covalente tra le molecole del vetro (diossido di silicone) e gli agenti chimici convertitori può essere raggiunto solo con un prodotto di dimensione nano spesso una molecola, il quale incorpora componenti di legame e componenti funzionali (repellenti). Leggi i fatti...


Al momento solo i prodotti che utilizzano un forte legame covalente con il vetro possono raggiungere questa qualità di durabilità e prestazione industriale. Leggi i fatti...


Il test per l’abrasione e’ un metodo industriale standard per valutare la durabilità ed e’ utilizzato nelle industrie per il rivestimento di tutto il mondo. Il test per la lavabilità comporta l’aggiunta di acqua e di agenti chimici per la pulizia durante il test di abrasione per simulare il normale...


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